Shout out to Tumblr singers:


Any tips for singing with acid reflux? It’s been happening for like a week, and I have District Chorus auditions on Saturday and my voice is not sounding too pretty because it feels like I’m swallowing battery acid whenever I burp. Cute, right? So, foods to avoid? Antacids to use (I tried Tums, but it dried out my throat and made singing even harder)? Techniques I could try?

To all my non-singer Tumblr people who now think I’m disgusting: I apologize.

hey youre not alone just try some ginger!!  ;D



The chest pain that sent me to the E.R for the first time, and for an additional four times, in less than half a year.

The chest pain that wasn’t my muscle.

The coughing that wouldn’t stop and was never helped by my inhaler.

When the doctors listened to my lungs and said “Well, they seem clear….

i have reflux esophagitus and i’ve been to the ER because i was weak and it was HORRIBLE! When it gets bad I take an antiacid.. just in case you dont get this i will send a message.. Its rly nice to have someone who can relate